Sezgin Tanrıkulu, CHP Istanbul deputy and Vice President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Committee, announced “March 2019 Violations Report”.

According to the report, the number of violations of the right to life in March is 180. In this context, 1 person lost his life and 4 others were injured due to “extrajudicial killings, stop warnings and random firing events”.

  • 7 people died in prisons and 22 right violations took place in armed conflicts.
  • Number of journalists detained in a month is 15.


In March, 27 women were killed by men, 108 people were killed due to occupational homicide.

According to the report, suspected death of soldiers is 2, and it is 9 in civil conflicts.

One person lost his life due to an organisational attack and one person lost his life in the event where military vehicles were involved. The number of refugees who lost their lives is 7.


In the report; 129 right violations in the context of “torture and maltreatment”, and 74 in the context of torture took place.


  • The violations which are under the title “Freedom of Expression” are as follows:
  • The number of journalists, writers and publishers who have been convicted is 15
  • The number of detained journalists is 15, the number of arrested journalist is 1
  • The number of those who are convicted for expressing thought is 20
  • The number of arrested and detained artists, politicians, authors is 10
  • the number of convicted academics is 30
  • the number of people taken into custody for social media posts is 90, the number of people arrested is 1
  • The number of deputies, mayors, and party managers convicted of the freedom of association is 1.


The report included violations of rights in terms of “Freedom of Assembly and Association”, the violations are as follows:

  • The number of interfered events and press releases is at least 109
  • The number of prohibited demonstration, activity, theater and show is 18
  • Number of provinces where activities and actions are prohibited 3
  • The number of those taken into custody during press releases, activities, and demonstrations is 585
  • And the number of arrested within this scope is 19, and the number of arrested is 1