Outstanding decision by the Human Rights Committee on the disappearance of Orhan Inandi! Orhan Inandi, kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan by Turkey, is now protected by the interim measures adopted by the Human Rights Committee. “Turkey should promptly establish Mr. Inandi’s whereabouts”

UN Human Rights Committee; “Turkey should:

– (a) promptly take all measures necessary to establish Mr. Inandi’s whereabouts, ensuring that he would not be subjected to torture and inhuman treatment and guaranteeing his physical and mental integrity

– (b) place Mr. Inandi immediately under the protection of the law

– (c) officially inform the Committee and Mr. Inandi’s family and legal representatives of his whereabouts and take all measures necessary to enable Mr. Inandi to be in regular contact with his relatives and legal representatives.

The acceptance of our request for interim measures firstly shows that our application will, a priori, pass the ‘admissibility’ test by the Committee.

This decision is binding for Turkey. Turkey’s failure to implement the decision of the Human Rights Committee, which uses the authority arising from a convention ratified under international law voluntarily, would create international legal responsibility of Turkey.

This decision demonstrates that what was done to Orhan Inandi was a serious violation of international law, and that it was accepted by the most competent body in the world in terms of jurisdiction on human rights.

At least such a decision will have a remarkable impact that will increase the pressure on Turkey to a certain extent to release Mr. Inandi.

The Human Rights Committee’s decision is a cornerstone for all the abduction cases perpetrated by the Turkish Intelligence Service ( MIT).


You can reach the Decision of the Committee via this link